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Sailability WA Grant Funding

Sailability WA Inc (Sailability WA) is a program conducted at and in conjunction with Royal Perth Yacht Club. The program formally commenced in 2000 and offers additional support, an established network of volunteers and equipment to assist people of all abilities to get into sailing.

Additionally, Sailability WA provides funding assistance focused on all participants achieving their highest level in the sport of sailing.

Sailability is an international program first introduced to Australia in the 1990s, which has grown to be available in every State and Territory. Sailability WA provides advice to other WA Yacht Clubs on request to help them run their programmes.

Sailability WA Objectives

  • To promote and develop all aspects of sailing for people with all types of disabilities.
  • To provide information to people with disabilities interested in sailing for recreation or competition.
  • To encourage sailing clubs to provide facilities for People with Disability to permit their involvement.
  • To encourage inclusiveness in sailing clubs for People with Disability.
  • To encourage the provision of training opportunities for all persons at whatever level they choose to participate in sailing.
  • To provide funding grants to members participating in sailing programs.


Here are some of the ways sailing is inclusive:

  • Designing and conducting all programs in a manner that responds directly to the needs of participants.
  • Different types of boats are provided by clubs including the Hansa Class which is easy (relatively) to sail.
  • Instructors who can adapt their teaching methods to suit individuals of all abilities.
  • Equipment to assist those with limited mobility to get in and out of boats
  • Modified docking areas that are easily accessible
  • Affordable options to participate – maintaining a low membership fee structure and access to grant funding based on individual needs and applications.
  • The Sailing Pathway aligned with Australian Sailing programs for people of all abilities to progress through


Many of the participants have engaged with Sailability WA for a temporary escape from the disability of their body or mind. At the same time, it provides a purpose beyond their usual life, as a person with a disability.
These same benefits of sailing apply to all people taking up sailing as a recreation or sport. Sailing is a great leveller and character builder.

Some simply enjoy the freedoms sailing on the water offers and the fellowship of like-minded people. Others have pushed to levels not previously considered possible.

Sailability WA Inc strives to support individuals to develop as competent, and competitive sailors, whichever level of sailing is selected or possible.

Grant Funding Program and Support

Over many years Sailability WA Inc has provided boats, equipment, volunteers, coaching and travel support as well as administrative and coordination services. Sailability WA ensures all boats are maintained to a high standard.

Additionally, Sailability WA Inc ensures all required insurance policies are in place covering the activity of Sailability WA.

This has extended to the in-house Sailability WA run programs, State and National titles, World Sailing Championships conducted at RPYC and individual Paralympic campaigns resulting in Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals.

Individual sailing campaigns and on-water group program support, both financial and equipment have been treated on a case-by-case basis with no formal application process.

The one commonality in all is that support has been offered to members of Sailability WA.

Sailability WA is an approved ACNC Charity raising funds to support members of Sailability WA and to distribute funds arising from specified grant funds and fundraising programs to Yacht Clubs conducting approved Sailability programs in Western Australia.

The funds available to Sailability WA for distribution to members are limited to available funds approved by the Sailability WA Management committee.

To find out more on the on the rules surrounding the Grant Funding Program and how to apply click here