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Offering supported, advanced sailing programs

It is believed that the purest air can be found just above water level.

At Sailability WA, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to breathe in this pure air, feel the wind in their hair and witness the sunlight sparkle off the water. As a result, we are committed to ensuring that everyone, regardless of age, ability or personal circumstance, can experience the joy and benefits of sailing.

Our programs aim to provide mental and sensory stimulation and inclusive participation in a healthy outdoor environment, for people with disabilities. 

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There is no other feeling like sailing on the open water, feeling the wind through your hair and the challenges of everyday life slip away as you embrace your place on the boat. At Sailability WA, we offer supported and advanced sailing programs, which are designed to build confidence, provide skill development opportunities and offer an active experience, social interaction and enjoyment in a supportive environment.

Sailing can be recreational, therapeutic, competitive, or a mix of all three! Participation at Sailability WA ranges from beginner level, through to State, National and International levels.

Sailability WA is a not for profit, volunteer run organisation. Our purpose and mission can be summarised as:

To promote and develop all aspects of sailing for people with all types of disability

To provide information to people with disabilities (PWD) interested in sailing for recreation or pleasure

To encourage sailing clubs to provide facilities for PWD to permit their involvement

To encourage assimilation of PWD into sailing clubs

To encourage the provision of training opportunities for all persons at whatever level they choose to participate

Happy participants

Genevieve Wickham- competing at Sail Melbourne in Hansa 303

“This sailing experience for me was absolutely awesome. It provided me with a sense of freedom and empowerment.”

Genevieve, Sailability Sailing Participant

following her first experience with Sailability WA.

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