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We have gathered up our most frequently asked questions, to assist you in getting the most out of your Sailability WA experience.

Check out the below frequently asked questions below or download the printable fact sheet. Still have a question? Not a problem, fill out the contact us form and we will gladly help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are You Located?

The address for Sailability WA activities is Royal Perth Yacht Club, Australia II Drive, Crawley WA 6009.

The meeting point for participants is in the shaded area at the rear of the Club’s Training Centre building, to the right of the main clubhouse when looking at the river.

Parking is available in an area opposite the Club gates, from here you can walk through the pedestrian gate to enter the Club. There is also some ACROD parking available adjacent to the sailing pontoon/ meeting area. Please contact the Sailability WA Coordinator to gain access to a pass for this area.

Register for membership and therefore participation

Sailing places are generally booked for the whole season, with an annual membership fee applicable.
Invitations to register for Membership are issued in September each year.

Bookings for the Summer Supported Sailing program are for a whole season of sailing weekly on a Wednesday and Thursday morning from October to April, see dates above. An annual membership fee applies which includes liability insurance for a participant. Individual or Family memberships are available.

Become a member of Sailability WA to register for our activities. Invitations to register are issued in September each year, in time for the start of the season.

Individual and family memberships are available, along with Agency membership. Agency membership allows different participants booked through the same Agency to be rotated through allocated sailing places. This arrangement allows more people to experience the activity throughout the year.

What does membership provide?

  • Registration for Sailability WA programs
  • Ability to book a boat/ use equipment            

Memberships are priced as follows, for a full season (October to April):

  • Individual membership – $130
  • Family membership – $210
  • Agency Membership (1-5 places) – $615
  • Agency Membership (6-10 places) – $750

Further questions about the programs

The Sailability season runs from October until April, in line with the summer sailing season at Royal Perth Yacht Club.

View the current calendar here. 

The 2022-23 supported sailing season dates are as follows:

  • Starts on: Wednesday 12th October 2022, and Thursday 13th October 2022.
  • Break: Monday 9th December 2022 to Monday 30th January 2023 (School holiday events)
  • Starts on: Wednesday 1st February 2023 and Thursday 2nd February 2023.
  • Closes: Wednesday 26th April and Thursday 27th April 2023.


Membership and therefore registration for the new season opens in September. 

Register for membership here. 

Act, Belong, Commit Supported sailing on Wednesday mornings is for mobile participants able to board the boats without hoisting. 

Act, Belong. Commit High Supported Sailing on Thursday mornings is for wheelchair users who require hoisting aboard the boats. There is also a rigid motorised floating pontoon called Nev Thomas, which we can use for electric wheelchair participants, that wish the remain in their electric wheelchair. 

Each supported session has a 1000 departure and an 1100 departure time. You will be allocated to a time by the Coordinator upon registration. 

Don’t miss the boat! Please arrive haf an hour earlier than your departure time, to allow time for pre-sailing preparations. Late arrivals may miss their sailing opportunity as boats leave on time. 

Sailability WA activities provide placement for participants on a variety of vessels. Sailability WA possesses a fleet of keelboats, Hansa Liberty and Hansa 303 dinghies.

On a large yacht, a support person can accompany a participant if necessary. In smaller two-person dinghies, the participant is accompanied by a volunteer skipper and the support person stays ashore.

A support boat is always on the water during Sailability WA activities in case assistance is needed.

Sailability WA supplies sunblock, chilled water and a shaded, seating area. 

All participants and their supporters are fitted with lifejackets before entering the floating jetty area. 

Due to COVID-19, we are encouraging participants to purchase their own Personal Floatation Device (PFD or life jacket). You can purchase on directly from Sailability WA, at a low price. 

Participants should pack a hat (with a tie so it doesn’t blow away!), a water bottle, warm/ extra clothes and a healthy snack. 

Please wear clothing that is lightweight and offers sun protection, as participants will be in the sun while sailing or on the water.

Please bring your own PFD/ life jacket if you have one. 

Along with the Sailability WA Coordinator, volunteers are in attendance to assist participants with the sailing activities. Volunteers are trained in boat handling, rescue techniques, first aid and possess Working with Children checks. Some are also qualified boat skippers.

Weather is a key factor in our sailing programs and we have guidelines that are adhered to. If for some reason we need to cancel sailing, predominantly due to weather predicted, a notice of cancellation will be posted as an ‘Activity Alert’ on the home page of the website and on the Sailability Facebook page for you to read.

Sailing will be cancelled if the forecast is for over 35 degrees and/ or if the breeze is considered to be ‘strong’ which is gusting consistently over 16 knots or 30km/ per hour. 

The best websites to check the weather forecast are:

From a supported or learn to sail program, participants can move towards the advanced sailing opportunities, which Sailability WA provides. 

These opportunities include:

Please click on the programs above to find out more detailed information.