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Mid-week Supported Sailing starts again this week 31st January 2024!

A reminder to our regular sailing participants- our mid- week supported sailing on a Wednesday and Thursday has now resumed. ⛵

Cancellations by US:

As we are an activity that is outside in the elements, using the wind to sail, we have safety guidelines for all activities we operate. What does that mean? It means that is the wind strength is “strong”- gusting consistently 16knts and over = 30km per hour, or if the temperature is forecast to be  35 degrees and over for an activity then the activity will be cancelled.

A cancellation notice will be posted on our website at the top of the main page, and on our facebook page, the day before an activity around 3PM. We rely on weather forecasting from BOM, and Seabreeze, and Willy Weather to make a decision about a cancellation. Sometimes conditions can change quickly overnight, and a cancellation for an activity needs to occur on the day of an activity, in that case a cancellation notice will be posted on the day an activity happens around 7AM.

Please check our website and or the facebook page to check to make sure sailing is ‘ON’ before each activity day. NO cancellation notice means sailing is ON!.  

If you would like to be notified directly of a cancellation, we also have a what’sapp group set up for each sailing day- either a Wednesday or Thursday, which you can be added to. Please confirm the phone number you would like to be added to the Whatsapp group to be n

Cancellations by you:

If you are unwell or not able to attend on any sailing day (for whatever reason), please either phone/ text, email, or send a msg via whatsapp in the group, before the sailing activity day/ time.

As our program is run by volunteers to support participants to sail, we appreciate advance warning of a cancellation to then reorganise an activity and inform our volunteers.

We look forward to sailing with you in 2024!

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