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WA Hansa State Championships December 2023

Written by Graham White, Sailability WA Committee Member and Volunteer

From time to time there is an event, a happening, which attracts people of all ages and skills to enthusiastically have a couple of days of fun sailing. So it was that a bunch of sailors with disabilities, together with a team of volunteers and Club staff in support, planned and conducted the W.A. HANSA State Championships in the first weekend of December 2023.  

RPYC Club sailors were joined by sailors from Princes Royal Sailing Club and Wynyard Yacht Club under the guidance and skill of the PRO, Captain Dinghies and his Race Management team to achieve a ten-race regatta. Winds and courses were near perfect and a little changeable at times, testing the best in the Hansa Liberties and Hansa 303’s.

The scene was set on Friday when those trusty volunteers set about rigging the fleet ready for an early Saturday morning start to the real action. A number of those worthy volunteers learned much about rigging a Hansa dinghy, not so simple for the Hansa Liberty they found. Fortunately, there were a number of young experts to show the way!

As racing got under way on Saturday 2nd the experience of the old hands began to show in the heavier breeze on Saturday afternoon and there emerged a high degree of close competition, particularly in the Liberty fleet. There was however plenty of advice from the on-water support crews and a little subtle coaching, which made for enjoyable and entertaining racing. Whilst the main game was the racing, the other and perhaps competing element was the catering provided by the Club, great job Simon’s team in the kitchen!

The race results are featured below together with the trophy recipients, however there was a more to this regatta than race results and the tall stories. Harry Connick Jr clearly felt this was a major event and made an appearance at the results presentation together with our flag officers, so honouring the efforts of our sailors in making this the “friendly champs“.  For the oldies and those mature Club members, it was of particular note and a delight have so many junior members involved on and off the water.

1stHansa 303 DoubleOrange Hull2606RPYCCelina TrinhJoseph Kilcullen10.08.0
1stHansa 303 SingleTulip Town945WYCMichael Symonds17.09.0
2ndHansa 303 SingleBlue Hansa 3032605RPYCRachael Cox23.017.0
3rdHansa 303 SingleJade Hull1996RPYCAdelio Kilcullen28.018.0
1stHansa LibertySing to Me1985RPYCMichael Cull14.09.0
2ndHansa LibertyAnastasia2514RPYC/SoPYCGenevieve Wickham19.014.0
3rdHansa LibertyLoose As1018RPYCRodney Angwin34.024.0

Recipient of the Ricardo Jansen Most Improved Award was presented to Susette Evans, Princess Royal Sailing Club, Hansa Liberty fleet.

Thanks to the RIB crews for your support over the weekend and to the visiting sailors and support teams from out of town who made the trek to RPYC.

Thank you also to the Club staff, at all times enthusiastically providing the support for success and as always engaging with Sailability WA, this event was a true partnership between RPYC and Sailability WA. The atmosphere post racing at the Catalina Bar was so positive and friendly, with cake shared around to celebrate International Day of People with Disability (Sunday December 3rd). We all felt we must do this again and that is the true measure of the success of an event!

Well done to all that made it happen!

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